Leystone Studios

Quinn L. Stone

Freelance Artist, member of Eldritch Osiris Games, and creator of the Simply PF2e web comic.

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Mechfinder Commissions

Mechfinder is a setting for the Pathfinder 2e tabletop game featuring kaiju monsters, mechs, and space exploration.Featured: Ettercap Kaiju, Bionic Bear Kaiju, and Goblin Mech

Monstrous Beasts: A Guide to Friend Them Commissions

A supplement book for the Pathfinder 2e tabletop system by Eldritch Osiris Games, Monstrous Beasts: A Guide to Friend them give a multitude of options for customizing your animal companions.Feature: Bone Bracer items and Crabfolk

Simply PF2e Webcomic

Simply PF2e is a web comic aimed at helping break down the rules to the Pathfinder 2e tabletop game system, particularly for those who learn better with visual aids. It's simplistic nature is aimed at helping illustrating the rules at a quick glance.Featured: An adventuring pack, two troublemaking kobolds, and a Tor Linnorm

Personal Projects

Featured: Lil' Hakki the windserpent, Thea the faun, and a cockatrice monster

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